Dumbo Network Is Your One Stop Shop To Meet, Connect And Leverage Contacts From Different Industries Across New York.

We are an exclusive community that takes care of all your professional needs; find jobs, look for new hires, generate leads, get expert advice or just to get the latest business news, we’ve got it all.

There are many reasons to join any networking group, but here are the unique reasons why you should join Dumbo Network.

1. We put you and the growth of your company first.

2. We work hard to provide practical resources to help you grow your company and get funded.

3. We work hard to find industry professionals who are interested in providing helpful resources to you at no cost.

4. We have a slack channel just for the members of Dumbo Network. Through our slack channel, you will be able to stay in touch with people that you met or didn't get a chance to meet at our networking event. This channel can also act as a source of lead generation for the service provider.

5. Our unique digital marketing solution allows you to get the value of a $10,000/month marketing solution for just $2,000/month by using collective marketing.