How Technology Is Changing the Way We Do Business

  Do you often feel that your business or some businesses have seen a major boom or slump in the recent past? Like there was a busy seller in your area, juggling between wholesale and retail customers who are pretty much idle these days or someone idle is super occupied and enjoying profits. Why? Because the world of business has been taken over by technology in ways that have not created just waves but ripples of effects on the whole dynamics of entrepreneurship.

After being hit by the storm of constant technological evolution, the world of business has constantly transformed and got a new face. Whether you are willing to accept it directly or not, but these changes are here to stay and will move towards an era of continuous eternal changes. 

Let’s face some facts that have been responsible for changing the way businesses work these days:

  • Online shopping
  • Social media campaigns
  • Customer awareness
  • Direct supply chain from wholesalers
  • Maximized use of mobile phones for shopping
  • Gaming
  • Increased competition
  • Ever increasing customer base and target audience
  • Millennial customers

Many other factors along with these changes have been responsible for the next level business today. Here are seven ways which will help you understand these changes better:

Buyer-seller Interactions

Before the advent of technology, the interaction between seller and buyer was restricted to the only face to face or phone calls platform. But now customers can actually have a detailed interaction about the product or service through relentless customer support. Also, it has become a lot easier to track potential customer base with the use of cookies and metacrawlers to identify people searching for similar things that you are already selling. Bulk messages, promotional emails, and customized emails are also a thing to indulge in passive but very effective interaction with the customers.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing has come as a boon to the business owners as it allows them to use data anytime and anywhere through internet. These third-party servers have also reduced the cost as instead of buying expensive software, entrepreneurs can now lease out cloud space to save the data. This has also helped the business owners to smartly use their resources and develop cost-effective strategies to move ahead of their competitors.


Use of mobile phones has affected the businesses in such a way that even Google had to revamp all the algorithms to facilitate browsing of mobile websites. Mobiles have become the handiest tool not just for you, but even for your customers. You can manage everything from your sale-purchase to invoice and shipping by just installing the right kind of software in your system. Customers can also easily find their kind of sellers-local or foreign, compare prices and make purchases on the move.

That’s the mobility impact brought by mobile phones in business operations.

Real-time analytics and swift action

To remain in the competition businesses these days need most relevant and updated customer stats. Thanks to technology, entrepreneurs can now track the data, manage it and act on it all together within a small frame of time. There are several apps that help in the management of these targets. There are apps that allow sorting and grouping of huge customer data and there are apps that allow sharing of this data with relevant people. To get into details you can easily know where your users are from, what are they looking for, what websites they go to, how much time do they spend on your page and what not! With task manager apps it has become possible to quickly share the relevant data with concerned people across various locations to stimulate the process.


Technology and internet have not proven to be cost-effective only for the customers but even for the business owners. Procurement and supplies have become really diverse. Business owners, especially the ones into software and app development have been able to reduce their expenses considerably through the online platforms where they are able to get their programming done from millennial resources.

Customer base evolution

The major customer base for the online businesses includes the millennials. In other words, it is these youngsters only who are responsible for the digitization of businesses. These people are the trendsetters and the smart customers who know the knack of finding out the best alternatives at the most cost-effective price. This tech-savvy generation is wired almost all the time and has quite lost hold of their money.

Social media

If you want to run a successful business these days, then it is really impossible for you to not be on social media. Your existence on social media has to be loud and clear. It has to be continuous, interactive and entertaining. Social media is no more about mere posting pictures and getting likes, it is about image reputation as well. Any wrong move can come out as a big rant on social media and tarnish your reputation. And this goes a long way with you. For an entrepreneur, digital footprint counts for a great share of their credibility and so does the social image.

The rise of technology is never going to slow down, it is a wave which is going to bring constant changes with it and immerse everyone in it. Whether you like it or not, you have to go with its flow regardless of the changes it brings for you.

Take technology as an opportunity to bring your A game into action and achieve your business goals. Being tech savvy doesn’t mean that you have to rebuild your entire business from scratch, rather it is a way to upgrade your business and expand it. In fact, technology gives an opportunity to businesses to reach new economic markets-which includes reaching regional, national and international markets. Outsourcing is yet another advantage yielded by technology that has leveraged small as well as large businesses. Use technology to your advantage and enjoy benefits you reap as you grow. No matter what, as a business, you just can’t manage without it now!